GRIP Metal continues to receive global recognition, winning 2017 European Product Design Awards for the Perplex Bench. Winning both design and manufacturing Gold Awards, this recognition highlights the ability of GRIP Metal-based laminates and structures to inspire new thought and new forms in construction and design.

With a span of 12 feet between supports, and the ability to support over 2500 lbs with a structural profile of only 3.5 inches thick, the Perplex Bench demonstrates GRIP’s ability to change the rules for unsupported concrete spans. Now, using GRIP Metal, there is a way to reduce weight, material use, and girth in concrete structures, while maintaining or improving structural strength. Even critical infrastructure projects, like highway bridges, can be re-designed and re-engineered around GRIP’s strengths.

With ongoing research and testing in partnership with leading Canadian universities, and ongoing development partnerships and development projects, GRIP Metal-based concrete construction is coming soon to a building site near you.

Perplex Bench Award

• Foam Insulation “Beam”, faced with 0.03 inch, dual-sided Steel GRIP Metal

• 14 ft. length

• 12 ft. unsupported span

• 18 in. wide

• 3.5 in. thick

• Ductal Concrete

About GRIP Metal™:

GRIP Metal™ is a consistently shaped field of hooks formed onto ultra-thin gauge sheet metals, allowing the GRIP-applied metal surfaces to physically adhere with other materials without the use of traditional adhesives or crude mechanical attachment technologies. Used as either a point of bonding for varying materials within larger structures, or as a mediating layer between different materials, GRIP provides stunning shear resistance, transferring the core strengths of metal to lightweight laminate or composite materials.

GRIP Metal™ provides designers, engineers and material scientists a brand new foundation for the design and manufacture of complex forms that require a new generation of stronger, lighter materials.

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About The European Product Design Awards:

European Product Design Awards (ePDA) recognizes the efforts of talented international designers who aim to improve our daily lives with practical, well thought out creations. The ePDA rewards the strategic thinking and imagination which goes into making a great product.

The Farmani Group assembled European Product Design Awards to bring attention to international product design and promote the winning designers to the prominent audience in Europe.

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