Light Weight Concrete Bench

Perplex™ 14 foot Composite Concrete Bench by Fig40



To create a lightweight concrete structure that defies traditional design and manufacturing methodologies

The bench is a hollow composite structure that casts ductal (a high performance concrete) around a steel box of GRIP Metal.  The relationship between the concrete and the GRIP Metal gives the concrete tensile strength, effectively translating the strength of the metal substrate to the overall structure. This enables a lengthy span structure only 2” thick.

A stable, 14 foot long, stunningly shaped concrete bench with the capability to support over 2,500 lbs across the length of the span. The method of construction reduces the traditional size to weight ratio for concrete formed objects by approximately 25%, while increasing overall strength.

Both decorative and structural concrete components can be created in thinner, lighter and stronger forms, allowing design to come to the forefront in concrete form.

Industries and Trades including: Furniture Manufacturing, Interior Design, Construction (Interior and Exterior) will be able to use Grip in various formats to translate inherent strengths of the steel substrate to wet composite materials.

Fig40 is an Industrial Design firm based in Toronto and partnered with GRIP Metal to develop a collection of furniture pieces centred on using this new manufacturing methodology.

Perplex is a collection of 3 furniture pieces that are the result of a 2 year exploration of new manufacturing processes utilizing GRIP metal.