GRIP Metal Named one of the ‘Top 11 Exciting New Materials Designers Should Watch’

GRIP Metal was recently featured in Fast Company’s article, “11 Exciting New Materials, Designers Should Watch”. Posted as part of Fast Company’s Innovation Festival, the article featured the products and technologies that Andrew Dent, VP of Materials Research at Materials ConneXion, a leading global consultancy for material innovation, believed would be important to designers over the next few years.

Featured within a group of product concepts and technologies that are stunning in their breadth, as well their capabilities, GRIP’s inclusion is a vindication of the research and development initiatives at NUCAP to bring its original NRS mechanical attachment technology to a broader market. GRIP Metal is the perfect substrate for the next generation of innovative, light-weight composite material designs, providing a foundation that strengthens any material or coating’s resistance to impact, wear, torsion, or compression forces.

More importantly, GRIP Metal allows an evolutionary use of lightweight, low cost materials. Materials like wood veneers and paper products like cardboard, gain an instant strength to augment their exibility and formability within a process that can be achieved on-site with the simplest hand tools. These new generation materials bring an ease of process to the assembly of large scale infrastructure.

Being recognized by one of the world’s leading material innovation consultancies as one of the leading material technologies within their vast materials library is, in itself, an achievement, shared by the entire team at NUCAP and GRIP.

“This is only the beginning for GRIP Metal, and its potential is truly limitless”, stated Bill Payne, GRIP Metal’s Executive Director of Research and Development.”We look forward to sharing our on-going progress with the world.”
To read the original article, please click on the following link; company-innovation-festival/11-exciting-new-materials-designers-should-watch

About GRIP Metal:
GRIP Metal is a consistently shaped field of micro-scaled hooks, formed onto ultra-thin gauge sheet metals, transferring the core strengths of a metal substrate to lightweight laminate or composite materials through a mechanical adhesion. These precisely designed hooks provide designers, engineers and material scientists a brand new foundation for the design and manufacture of complex forms in composites, as either a point of bonding for these materials within larger structures, or as a mediating layer between different materials, using robust mechanical adhesion to overcome the challenges of bonding different materials together.

Potential GRIP Metal applications range from strengthening thin-gauge composite materials in papers, woods and plastics, to large scale use in construction technologies and materials.

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About Material ConneXion:
Material ConneXion, a SANDOW company, is a global materials and innovation consultancy that helps clients create the products and services of tomorrow through smart materials and design thinking. Material ConneX- ion is the trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies, as well as forward-thinking agencies and government entities seeking a creative, competitive or sustainable edge. With locations in Bangkok, Bilbao, Daegu, Milan, New York, Skövde and Tokyo, Material ConneXion’s international network of specialists provides a global, cross-industry perspective on materials, design, new product development, sustainability and innovation. Material ConneXion maintains the world’s largest subscription-based materials library with thousands of innovative materials and processes—an indispensable asset to a wide audience of users. The consulting division, ThinkLAB, works with clients to strategically incorporate trends, service and innovation into their busi- ness models and products, while sister company Culture + Commerce represents the world’s leading designers, including Philippe Starck, Kravitz Design and Paola Navone, in licensing their ground-breaking new products and projects.


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