Happy 2016 From GRIP Metal

Our Research and Design lab is always testing GRIP Metal’s limits. We are constantly testing new ways to use GRIP Metal in an effort to learn as much as possible about the technology. The metal hook technology is borrowed from NUCAP’s NRS technology used on backing plates. GRIP Metal technology allows us to use the same, proven hook technology on thinner pieces of metal.

GRIP Metal is currently testing GRIP Fiber Technology; the strength of concrete reinforced with GRIP Metal fibers. Our R&D team made a wheel using GRIP Metal technology and wood you can see a video of the process and finished product below. They also used GRIP Metal to replace rebar in a concrete slab, check out the video below to see our engineers and CEO testing its strength.

Our engineers are constantly coming up with new ways to use our technologies, and lucky for us they’re always willing to push things to the limit. Without our engineers we’d be at a huge loss. Without their creativity and tenacity GRIP Metal wouldn’t be where it is today. Here’s to 2016, a new year full of new innovations.

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