Our Mission

Setting a new industry benchmark, next generation GRIP Metal™ meets the growing demand for a changing material environment, one that looks to use LESS of our precious raw materials, LESS time to manufacture, LESS investment costs and LESS energy through out the process to create products that have MORE durability, resilience, strength to weight ratio and sustainability, while still building a safer natural environment for year to come.

The History of GRIP Metal

In February of 2013 GRIP Metal was officially released into the market place. This revolutionary product is owned and developed by NUCAP industries. The technology that drives GRIP Metal stems from NRX which is in turn a by-product of the NRS system (NUCAP Retention System).


In the late 1990s NUCAP Industries created a process that extruded unique pattern of hooks on the metal backing plate surface of a brake pad, these hooks were able to grasp friction material and keep it secure for the life of the brake pad. NRS not only made the brake pad manufacturing more efficient and environmentally friendly, it produces a better, more reliable product and a simplified manufacturing process. The success of this product culminated in NUCAP winning the PACE Award.

GRIP Metal™

The success of NRS lead to the NUCAP engineers considering the use of these small hooks on other applications and in early 2012 NUCAP released NRX — a new process that extrudes hooks out of sheet materials as thin as 0.012in. From such stock the process extrudes hooks of considerable length, three to four times the material's thickness. The technology is the brain child behind GRIP Metal™ today.

NRS Plate

Building a sustainable future.

At NUCAP, we believe that creating, producing, installing and using our products should contribute to a sustainable environment. As an organization, NUCAP addresses environmental consideration on two fronts — the first is as a corporation, working towards reducing our carbon footprint, the section is what our products and methods of use. The environmentally conscientious GRIP Metal materials eliminates the need for chemical adhesives and other installation materials. Made from various metals GRIP Metal products are inherently hygienic as they will not absorb moisture and therefor will not promote the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria or fungus. Requiring no adhesives and good bonding various materials, mechanical fasting is both functional and environmentally responsible.

Sourcing responsibly

By working with our supply chain and setting high standards, we help to reduce the environmental impact of our projects, improve local communities and ultimately deliver better quality services to our customers. We focus on using healthy and sustainable materials in an efficient way, sourcing locally whenever possible. We go beyond our duty of care, making a positive impact through responsible sourcing.

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