Technical Information

Acting as both a reinforcement and the form, GRIP Metal™ reduces cost and labour when used with concrete. Whether with conventional aggregate or fiber reinforced concrete, GRIP Metal™ makes concrete structures stronger, lighter, more cost-efficient, and faster to make.


The concrete splitting tensile strength of a cylinder showed an increase with GRIP Metal™.

The flexural strength of concrete beams significantly increased with the addition of GRIP Metal™.

Process Explanation

Concrete forms can be created with GRIP Metal™ and poured directly

  • lower cost of materials
  • lower cost of labour for setup and teardown of forms
  • faster construction of structures
  • lower grades of concrete can be used
  • faster handling of structures
Featured Projects
  • The Future Foundation

    The GRIP Metal™ concrete rings are an economical method to set concrete which has the benefit of being reinforced by Steel.

  • Facing Gaia

    GRIP Metal™ has joined a global team to erect a forty-foot structure in Giardini Marinaressa in Venice, titled “Facing Gaia” designed by Studio Libeskind at the 2018 Venice  Architecture Biennale.

  • Living Bridges

    The upkeep and maintenance infrastructure is a multi-billion dollar project that federal and local governments around the world face at all times. Keeping up with the demands of our ever-changing world costs money and time, which is why the need to innovate is becoming more and more pressing.
    Toronto architectural firm, Farrow Partners has proposed a bold solution of “living bridges,” based on bridges like the Rialto in Venice and the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, combining infrastructure with human-scale, walkable, mixed-use urban assets.

  • Lightweight Concrete Bench

    GRIP Metal™ partnered with Fig40, a Toronto industrial design firm, to develop a collection of furniture pieces, based on the “NU” manufacturing methodology. The Fig40 14-foot Composite Concrete Bench boasts a unique design – its hollow composite structure casts Ductal (a high-performance concrete) around a steel box of GRIP Metal™.

The GRIP Metal™ Solution

Concrete is strong. There is no debating it. However, if there were a way to make it stronger, or even, the strongest it could possibly be, would you be interested? Whether used with conventional aggregate or fibre-reinforced concrete, GRIP Metal™ strengthens concrete structures, as well as making them lighter, more cost-efficient, and easier to manufacture.

Serving as both reinforcement and the form, this revolutionary “NU” manufacturing material can be used to create a variety of concrete forms poured directly, eliminating the need for reinforcement and creating the toughest and lightest versions of all your concrete projects.

A GRIP Metal™ Process

Developed by Nucap Industries in Toronto, GRIP Metal™ is a one-of-a-kind stamping process that modifies sheet metal by adding an array of micro-formed hooks that adhere to a variety of other materials, including concrete, without applying the usual adhesives.

The remarkable “NU” building product can be used as a bonding point for materials, ranging from rubber to wood composites, within larger structures, or as a mediating layer between materials. Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, GRIP Metal™ is realistically scalable in a commercialized and simple way. GRIP Metal™ can give greater structural strength to less-sturdy or more inherently fragile structures and composites.

Superior Strength

When it comes to its concrete solutions, GRIP Metal™ couples outstanding strength with low weight and great flexibility. For example, in tests, the concrete splitting tensile strength of a cylinder significantly increased using the product. And the flexural strength of concrete beams increased with GRIP Metal™, making it one of the strongest and toughest solutions for those looking for an alternative to the traditional adhesive in their projects.

Benefits of GRIP Metal™ Concrete Solutions

Manufacturers, engineering firms and other technical companies can realize a variety of cost and labour savings with GRIP Metal™ concrete solutions. Material costs are lowest; it’s faster and easier to setup and teardown forms and to build structures. Additionally, lower grades of concrete could potentially be used, which will result in further savings.

Time is also money, and saving time is one of the greatest gifts you can offer engineers and construction professionals. With GRIP Metal™, there is an incredible ease of process and time-saving since you will no longer be waiting around for traditional adhesives to dry. It essentially enables half the work with twice the results.

For those looking for the greenest option for their project, GRIP Metal™ also provides the best features. By eliminating the harmful fumes and chemicals that go hand-in-hand with traditional adhesives, your workplace is safer and healthier. GRIP Metal™ also recycles all process-related waste, making it the most environmentally sustainable option around.

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