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Composites bring together the best qualities of individual materials to make a better final material that amplifies the strengths of each component material. With GRIP Metal™, adhesives can be eliminated, thereby eliminating surface preparation, application of adhesives, curing and/or heating, and the health and environmental impacts such as fumes, VOCs and non-recyclable waste.


HDPE+aluminum panels made with GRIP Metal™ instead of adhesive are stronger and stiffer.

Phenolic composite panels using GRIP Metal™ instead of plain steel showed that flexural strength doubled with GRIP Metal™, and tensile strength more than doubled.

Process Explanation

GRIP Metal™ can be used with polymers in injection moulding or simply pressed onto the material. Harder materials may require some heating.

  • eliminates adhesives
  • allows bonding with other materials
  • adheres materials otherwise not able to adhere (eg HDPE to aluminum)
  • stronger and more durable bond that adhesives
  • materials are easier to recycle
Featured Projects
  • Ballistic Panel

    GRIP Metal Ballistic Panel is a panel consisting of two GRIP Metal plates that are sandwiched with a phenolic core.  This panel stops rounds fired from a handgun.

The GRIP Metal™ Solution

Composite materials are most often preferred when it comes to manufacturing and engineering because they combine the best qualities of each individual part in order to create the best finished product. However, one of the challenges facing those who work with composites and polymers is the fact that many of these materials won’t work with traditional adhesives.

This is not a problem for the “NU”, one-of-a-kind, GRIP Metal™ technology, a stamping process that uniformly distributes an array of micro-formed hooks on one or both sides of sheet metal. These can easily adhere to other materials without the use of regular adhesives. Diverse materials such as rubbers, plastics, wood and wood composites, concrete, carbons, glass fibers, papers, friction composite materials and many others, can all be physically attached to GRIP Metal™ substrates.

GRIP Metal™ can be used with polymers in injection moulding or simply pressed onto the material. While harder materials may require some heating, the options are limitless and GRIP Metal™ is realistically scalable for all industries.

Benefits of a GRIP Metal™ Solution

Not only is a GRIP Metal™ bond the strongest and most durable bond compared to regular adhesives, but it also eliminates time-consuming surface preparation, adhesive application, and curing afterward. This ease of use cuts down on time, which, in turn, saves money and enables engineers to perform half the work for twice the results.

It also helps manufacturers avoid health and environmental impacts, such as fumes, VOCs and non-recyclable waste. GRIP Metal™ is your greenest choice because we always recycle both physical and process-related waste.

When it comes to durability and toughness, this is the strongest option out there. Testing reveals that using a GRIP Metal™ solution instead of adhesive, HDPE and aluminum composite panels are made stronger and stiffer. Or phenolic composite panels using the revolutionary “NU” manufacturing materials instead of plain steel doubled their flexural strength and more than doubled their tensile strength.

PVC Pipe Reinforcement

In testing, GRIP Metal™ substrates were used to boost the effectiveness of standard PVC pressure pipe reinforcement. A steel strip with micro-hooks on the side was bonded around the entire length of a section of standard PVC pipe. A secure bond was ensured by the application of external heat.

Comparative pressure testing conducted on this pipe and an untreated one revealed that the GRIP Metal™ reinforced pipe had no damage or leakage at double the pressure than the untreated pipe’s failure point.

GRIP Metal™ can be bonded quickly and easily onto any plastic pipe. As the internal pressure is increased, the metal teeth sink deeper into the pipe, adding strength.

The ways in which GRIP Metal-reinforced PVC (or virtually any type pipe material) increases pressure pipe strength can be applied in a wide variety of industries, from residential and industrial plumbing to industrial construction.

A Wide Range of Uses

The strength, flexibility, and scalability of GRIP Metal™ solutions make them ideal for applications ranging from strengthening small assemblies in electronics to the creation of thin-gauge composite materials to large-scale use in construction technologies and materials.

To find out how GRIP Metal™ can help you meet your goals in composite material development and application, contact us today by phone (888-682-7253), email or web form.

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