Technical Information

Enhancing the natural strength, flexibility, and aesthetics of real wood, GRIP Metal™ can be used to eliminate adhesives, improve strength, and use wood like never before. From single-layer veneers for flexible panels, to multi-layer wood beams for structural applications, to new composites with other materials, GRIP Metal™ is the technology that takes wood into new fields, products and industries.

Wood adhesion with GRIP Metal™ has an increase in shear strength compared to adhesive.

Wooden I-joists with GRIP Metal™ strips added to the bottom face showed an increase in stiffness.

Shelves with the same type of reinforcement show a significant increase in stiffness.

Process Explanation

GRIP Metal™ and wood can be pressed in a hydraulic press, or rolled through a pinch roller

  • eliminates adhesives
  • gives strength to thin wood cuts
  • allows bonding with other materials
  • materials can be recycled at end-of-life
Featured Projects
  • Future Bridge

    GRIP Metal™ Bridge utilizes our Hook Technology with Wood Veneer in multiple layered composite as the base material. Alternating these sheets to build a thick foundation for the bridge base which can then be curved into an arch allowing the bridge to cover a gap while sustaining a load.

  • Facing Gaia

    GRIP Metal™ has joined a global team to erect a forty-foot structure in Giardini Marinaressa in Venice, titled “Facing Gaia” designed by Studio Libeskind at the 2018 Venice  Architecture Biennale.

  • Simple Housing

    Tiny homes are gaining popularity with the current generation of house buyers, and for good reason. When constructed properly, these small homes offer the best value and most environmentally sustainable living options available. They are affordable, efficient, functional and comfortable too.

  • Living Bridges

    The upkeep and maintenance infrastructure is a multi-billion dollar project that federal and local governments around the world face at all times. Keeping up with the demands of our ever-changing world costs money and time, which is why the need to innovate is becoming more and more pressing.
    Toronto architectural firm, Farrow Partners has proposed a bold solution of “living bridges,” based on bridges like the Rialto in Venice and the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, combining infrastructure with human-scale, walkable, mixed-use urban assets.

  • OCAD Canoe

    The impressive Steam Canoe installation on the Toronto waterfront is a beautiful tribute to the innovation and ingenuity of today’s engineering industry. From a distance, the canoe appears as an elegant bow, tipping out of the sand. Upon closer inspection, you can appreciate the detailed curved wood pieces that make up this unique structure.

The GRIP Metal™ Solution

It’s hard to improve on the effectiveness, strength, and diversity of wood as a construction material. And yet, GRIP Metal™ has gone ahead and designed a product that improves the strength, durability, and overall appeal of using wood in projects. It adheres to wood with ease and stability without needing traditional adhesives. This one-of-a-kind “NU” technology stamps micro-formed hooks into thin-gauge sheet metal creating a revolutionary material that bonds effortlessly to wood when used in a hydraulic press or pinch roller.

A GRIP Metal™ solution can enhance the natural strength of wood, with a great aesthetic appeal in a wide variety of uses. These range from single-layer veneers for flexible panels, to multilayer wood beams for structural applications, to new wood composites created with other materials. The options are endless since GRIP Metal™ is realistically scalable in a commercialized and simple way.

Strongest, Thinnest, and Best Overall

The proprietary GRIP Metal™ hook technology is the toughest bonding method around. It provides a significant increase in strength when compared to regular adhesives. Wooden I-joists adding GRIP Metal™ strips to their bottom faces increased stiffness. And shelves with the same reinforcement increase stiffness significantly, proving that GRIP Metal™ is the strongest and most durable method available today.

Not only does GRIP Metal™ eliminate the need for adhesives, it also strengthens thin woodcuts and allows bonding to other materials, all of which can be recycled at the end of a product’s life. GRIP Metal™ also actively recycles both physical and process-related waste, which means it’s one of the greenest choices for your projects. Eliminating the need for traditional adhesives also improves health and safety since manufacturers are no longer exposed to harmful fumes and VOCs that may cause health problems down the road.

The process is simplified, saving time in almost all aspects of manufacturing. With no traditional adhesives, there will be no waiting around for materials to dry or cure.

GRIP Metal™ is rapidly becoming a technology in demand by numerous industries requiring structural strength, weight reduction, and thin-gauge material profiles.

Great Manufacturing Promise

GRIP Metal™ teamed with the architectural firm Farrow to create a wooden chair, one-of-a-kind technology as the principle joining and forming agent. The wood strips adhered to the double-sided GRIP Metal™ strips, providing load-bearing strength that would normally have to be achieved with much greater thickness.

Using GRIP Metal™, the chair required less time and fewer materials to make than traditional manufacturing processes. The chair is functional, durable, and completely recyclable since no glue is used. GRIP Metal™ can be used to manufacture wooden chairs like this and other types of furniture more efficiently with fewer cuts. It can also provide stronger, more uniform joins.

“NU” GRIP Metal™ technology is the strongest, most durable, and environmentally-friendly joining agent for industries and trades that include furniture manufacturing and construction, including residential, deck building, carpentry, and more.

Flexible Performance

GRIP Metal’s capacity to bond instantly to almost any material makes it the most versatile mechanical bonding technology available today.

Its hooks can be formed on most types of metal – including brass, copper, aluminum, and steel – and are available in small and mini sizes, which can be applied to either or both sides of a sheet of metal. This gives GRIP Metal™ the flexibility to be used single-sided as an outer layer or attachment, or double-sided as the inner core of a multilayer application.

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