Wall Tile Solutions – Cladding


A unique compound of recycled rubber specifically made to be fire resistant, insulating, and long lasting is at the core of our cladding panels.

Based on an advanced aluminum-recycled rubber-aluminum composite, Cladding tiles bring outstanding capabilities to the exterior and interior construction industries. Lightweight, thin, and available in a variety of sizes, the material provides superior value and performance compared to existing materials.

Central to the product’s performance is the recycled rubber core. This patented material is non-flammable, provides a reduction in sound transfers, and has heat/cold insulation capability.

  • Recycled Rubber Core bonded to thin metal external layers
  • Available in painted, coated and colored aggregate finishes
  • Stable Sizing at varying temperatures
  • Non-Flammable
  • Provides Sound Insulation
  • Provides Temperature Insulation
  • Sound – Attenuation reduces sound from side to side
  • Insulation – Helps keep temperature stable regardless of outside fluctuations