Ballistic Panel

Technical Information

GRIP Metal™ Ballistic Panel is a panel consisting of two GRIP Metal™ plates that are sandwiched with a phenolic core.  This panel stops rounds fired from a handgun.

Spec Sheet

The GRIP Metal™ plate is made of steel with hooks on one side.  The core is built from a phenolic core that is reinforced by long glass fibers.


An economical lightweight method of providing ballistic protection.  This panel is much lighter than a comparable steel plate the same size.

Process Explanation

One plate of GRIP Metal™ is placed in the bottom of the mold.  Then phenolic preform is placed in the mold after it is heated by a RF oven.  The top GRIP Metal™ plate is held up with magnets in the die.  The mold is closed and the phenolic is cured using heat and pressure from the mold.  The plate is then post baked for final curing of the plate.

Unique Selling Point

Economical lightweight strong panel weighing less that a comparable steel plate of the same size.