Studio Libeskind chooses GRIP Metal™ pioneering technology for Facing Gaia Biennial Project

GRIP Metal™ has joined a global team to erect a forty-foot structure in Giardini Marinaressa in Venice, titled “Facing Gaia” designed by Studio Libeskind at the 2018 Venice  Architecture Biennale.

Studio Libeskind has designed a structure titled “Facing Gaia” using GRIP Metal™ Technology built in Toronto, Canada.

GRIP Metal™ is excited that this project provides an opportunity to test in real world conditions new approaches in foundation, structural strength and wall finishing techniques.

The technology that drives GRIP Metal™ stems from the NUCAP Retention System (NRS). The greenest technology that fuses brake pads with steel, over 1 Billion in use without failure.

GRIP Metal’s ability to bond

La Biennale di Venezia’s 2018 international public art installation exhibition “Freespace,” organized by the European Cultural Centre, Studio Libeskind will be unveiling a new architectural sculpture that explores the connections between climate, time, space and existence.

Facing Gaia, as it is called, is inspired by ancient forms and will feature a convex mirrored center, bound to its steel structure with pioneering GRIP Metal™ technology.

GRIP Metal’s capacity to bond instantly to almost any material makes it the most versatile mechanical bonding technology available today.

Its hooks can be formed on most types of metal – including brass, copper, aluminum, and steel – and are available in small and mini sizes, which can be applied to either or both sides of a sheet of metal. This gives GRIP Metal™ the flexibility to be used single-sided as an outer layer or attachment, or double-sided as the inner core of a multilayer application.

The Strength of Metal Support

GRIP Metal™ is an innovative technology for a mechanical bonding between material layers based on a patented technology for the mass production of consistent small-scale metal hooks that are distributed either on one side or both sides of thin gauge metallic sheets.

The features and benefits of GRIP Metal™ are:

  • Fewer steps in the bonding process.
  • A reduction in material costs and the energy consumption required to bond materials in the conventional way.
  • A higher quality of bond than that achievable with adhesives.
  • 0 VOC – no Hazardous materials.
  • No UV exposure imbalance.
  • Adheres to any substrate.
  • Excellent in any temperature ranges.
  • Great for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Instant application – no curing and no dwell time.
  • Anti-skid properties for, excellent traction.

Unveiling is May 25

Facing Gaia structure was built in Toronto.

We built this as a global team GRIP Metal™ and Studio Libeskin, a part of the exhibition organized by ECC/GAA.

Redefining the current thought by using new construction techniques.

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