Future Floor & Road

Technical Information

Module floor tile system. The initial steel panel is laid out in strips for installation, GRIP Metal-Veneer tiles are then laid on top, tapped and rolled into place so that the under-layer hooks fully penetrate into the tile.


Installation is cost effective as it can be done in a timely manner. The lack of adhesives or harsh chemicals makes this process is easily reversible, individual tiles can be replaceable if one is damaged.

This durable non-slip floor is a significantly safer option than traditional painted concrete floors potentially resulting in less workplace “slip and falls.”

Process Explanation

For floor installation, the steel base is first laid out. Then each tile is placed and tapped into place, afterwards, a roller compactor is used to ensure full penetration of the hooks on each tile.

Unique Selling Point

Non-slip flooring that is repairable. The installation process is simplified, with no traditional adhesives, there will be no waiting around for materials to dry or cure.

NRS™ is NUCAP Industries’ patented process for the surface modification of disc brake backing plates, adding a consistent matrix of raised steel hooks that facilitate a mechanical bond between disc brake plate and friction materials. The NRS™ hooks provide mechanical bonding while exceeding industry requirements for heat, shear and environmental delamination protection.