Lightweight Concrete Bench

 At first glance, the 14-foot long Lightweight Concrete Bench has an undeniably beautiful design, but you may wonder how sturdy the two-inch-thick concrete seat can be, stretching 12 feet between supports.

As it turns out, using GRIP Metal’s revolutionary “NU” manufacturing material, the bench is very sturdy indeed. It can support more than 2,500 pounds, which is a testament to GRIP Metal’s ability to create the strongest, most durable products across a variety of industries and projects.

In recognition of GRIP Metal’s advances in mechanical bonding, the Lightweight Concrete Bench won two Gold Awards at the 2017 European Product Design Awards as well.

The GRIP Metal™ Difference

GRIP Metal™ uses one-of-a-kind technology that applies a uniform field of hooks onto sheet metals, allowing them to adhere to other materials – such as concrete, wood, and polymers – without the use of traditional adhesives or crude mechanical attachment technologies.

Employed to bond different materials within larger structures, or as a mediating layer between them, GRIP Metal™ solutions provide outstanding shear resistance, transferring the core strengths of metal to lightweight laminate or composite materials. In addition to its use in large construction projects, GRIP Metal™is also realistically scalable, meaning it is also the strongest and most effective option in smaller projects as well, including furniture design, as we see here.

Its ability to bond instantly with virtually any material makes it the fastest, most versatile and toughest mechanical bonding technology today. By eliminating the need for traditional adhesives, GRIP Metal™ not only eliminates harmful fumes and VOCs caused by chemicals, but it ensures that the end results are also completely recyclable. GRIP Metal™ also recycles all physical and process-related waste, providing the greenest, most environmentally-friendly option for manufacturing.

Stronger and Thinner

The award-winning bench is the product of a partnership between GRIP Metal™ and Fig40, a Toronto industrial design firm. So far, the partnership exploring uses of this new manufacturing technology has yielded three furniture pieces.

The Lightweight Concrete Bench has a hollow composite structure that casts Ductal (a high-performance concrete) around a steel box of GRIP Metal™. The strength of the metal substrate is transferred to the structure as a whole, giving the concrete attached by mini-hooks greater tensile strength.

The thin, lightweight structure of the bench is light years ahead of traditional design and manufacturing technologies. This unique method of construction reduces the traditional size-to-weight ratio for concrete-formed objects while boosting strength overall.

This means both decorative and structural concrete components can be created in the thinnest, lightest and strongest forms. Design is freed from the traditional restraints of concrete forms.

Poised for Wider Adoption

With its ability to translate inherent strengths of the steel substrate to wet composite materials, GRIP Metal™ is ideally positioned to be adopted by the furniture manufacturing, interior design, and construction (interior and exterior) industries. Working with GRIP Metal™, they can reduce weight, material use, and thickness in concrete structures while maintaining or improving structural strength. GRIP Metal™ can even be used to redesign and re-engineer critical infrastructure projects, such as highway bridges.

The ease of process saves time and money on the manufacturing process and engineers can enjoy doing half the work for twice the results. With GRIP Metal™, there is no waiting around for materials to dry or cure, all the processes are streamlined for ultimate ease and effectiveness.

To find out how GRIP Metal™ can solve your composite material and application challenges, contact our team of engineering and design professionals today.