The Future Foundation

Technical Information

GRIP Metal™ concrete rings are reinforced by steel, the process is both a secure and economical method to set concrete.

Spec Sheet

GRIP Metal™ concrete rings can be used as walls/barriers and foundations.


GRIP Metal™ saves on concrete formation without compromising on stability. GRIP Metal™ serves a dual purpose as both the concrete mold as well as a replacement for rebar, proving to be very economical. In the traditional concrete forming process, once the concrete is dry the installers would have to remove the form, with GRIP Metal™ labour and time is saved by eliminating the need to remove the form as the form is part of the process and acts as a reinforcement. The additional reinforced concrete will add to the tensile strength of the rings. The GRIP Metal™ adheres very well with its array of hooks.

Process Explanation

GRIP Metal™ sheets are formed into rings by hand and then fastened together so they hold the circular shape. A smaller inside ring is created and placed inside the enclosure. Once a few concrete rings are formed they are attached together Once an array of GRIP Metal™ rings are formed the wet concrete is poured in and takes the circular form. It is optional if the center of the rings are filled with concrete or left hollow. Once the concrete properly sets it is ready to use as is, the GRIP Metal™ remains on the rings for additional support.

Unique Selling Point

Economical means of creating concrete mold that eliminates the need to remove mould after concrete has hardened as well as strengthening by having the GRIP Metal™ as additional support/ reinforcement.