SSF is the Strongest, Lightest
and Thinnest Flooring in The World

See what makes us the future of commercial flooring products

Engineered with Industrial Facilities, Warehouses, and Garages/Workshops in mind.

We have created the world’s toughest floor that is resistant to impact, heavy loads and high traffic movements.

The GRIPMetal™ steel or aluminum under-layer provides the foundation for the floor’s incredible strength and durability.

SSF is the strongest, yet thinnest and most ECO-friendly flooring system revolutionizing the future of flooring

Super Tough Super

Because of our mechanical attachment system and superior impact resistance, Super Steel Flooring can withstand any environment.


We do not use any adhesives, VOCs. Super Steel Flooring is Recyclable, Removable and can be Re-installed at any time.


No floor preparation, with no dust, no grinding, and no curing time. Quick installation with no interruptions.

& Safety

The flooring prevents workplace injuries, preventing slips and falls. It also has multi-layer noise dampening properties.

Super Steel Flooring provides the strongest mechanical bond with the use of the lightest and easily available core materials

Tile sizes

SSF comes in 12"x12" size

Core Materials

SSF can be fabricated from any metallic substrate from steel to Titanium

Finishing Materials

SSF can be finished in a variety of materials shapes and patterns

Noise Suppression

Super Steel flooring can reduce noise levels by up to 45db

Material Strength

2000lbs/square inch bonding strength and impact resistance of 16-tonnes

Super Steel Flooring Can Be fabricated Utilizing A Variety of Finishes and Surface Materials

With a wide range of flooring choices, we have a coating for every application

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