What is GRIP Metal™?

GRIP Metal is a patented stamping process created to modify a metal surface – usually a flat and hard metal surface, into a metal surface with an array of micro-formed hooks that can physically adhere with other materials without the use of traditional adhesives, such as rubbers, plastics, wood, concrete, carbons, glass fibers, papers and friction composite materials and many others.

GRIP Metal can be used as either a point of bonding for these materials within larger structures, or as a mediating layer between different materials, using its mechanical bonding to overcome the challenges of bonding different materials together.



GRIP Metal™ hooks are precisely formed to specification, available in a range of hook heights up to as much as 10 times the base material thickness.

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GRIP Metal™ can attach and reinforce different materials creating stronger and lighter composites.

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GRIP Metal™ is developed by NUCAP industries. The technology that drives GRIP Metal™ stems from the NRS (NUCAP Retention System) which won the automotive PACE award in 2001.

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