A Mechanically-Bonding substrate with the core strength of metal

GRIP Metal™ is a consistently shaped field of hooks formed onto ultra-thin gauge sheet metals. Stunning shear resistance, replacing or augmenting traditional bonding processes, transferring the core strengths of the metal to lightweight laminate or composite materials.

The GRIP Metal™ Mission

To provide a solution that meets the growing demand for increased durability, resilience, strength-to-weight ratio and sustainability within a changing materials sciences industry, one that looks to support and sustain advancements within a safer natural environment for years to come.



GRIP Metal™ hooks are precisely formed to specification, available in a range of hook heights up to as much as 10 times the base material thickness.

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GRIP Metal™ can attach and reinforce different materials creating stronger and lighter composites.

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GRIP Metal™ is developed by NUCAP industries. The technology that drives GRIP Metal™ stems from the NRS (NUCAP Retention System) which won the automotive PACE award in 2001.

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