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Featuring precisely designed hooks that give designers, engineers and scientists a brand-new foundation for design and manufacture of complex forms in composites, GRIPMetal transfers the core strengths of a metal substrate to other materials. Consisting of a consistently shaped field of micro-scaled hooks that are formed onto ultra-thin gauge sheet metals, using robust mechanical adhesion to overcome the challenges of bonding different materials together.

Potential applications range from strengthening thin-gauge composite materials in papers, woods and plastics, to large- scale use in construction technologies and materials.

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Grip + Wood

Enhancing the natural strength, flexibility, and aesthetics of real wood, GRIP Metal™ can be used to eliminate adhesives, improve strength, and use wood like never before.

From single-layer veneers for flexible panels, to multi-layer wood beams for structural applications, to new composites with other materials, GRIP Metal™ is the technology that takes wood into new fields, products and industries. Wood adhesion with GRIP Metal™ has an increase in shear strength compared to adhesive.

Wooden I-joists with GRIP Metal™ strips added to the bottom face showed an increase in stiffness.Shelves with the same type of reinforcement show a significant increase in stiffness.

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Grip + Concrete

Acting as both a reinforcement and the form, GRIP Metal™ reduces cost and labor when used with concrete. Whether with conventional aggregate or fiber reinforced concrete, GRIP Metal™ makes concrete structures stronger, lighter, more cost-efficient, and faster to make.

The concrete splitting tensile strength of a cylinder showed an increase with GRIP Metal™.

The flexural strength of concrete beams significantly increased with the addition of GRIP Metal™.

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Grip + Polymer

Composites bring together the best qualities of individual materials to make a better final material that amplifies each component material's strengths.

With GRIP Metal™, adhesives can be eliminated, thereby eliminating surface preparation, application of adhesives, curing and/or heating, and the health and environmental impacts such as fumes, VOCs, and non-recyclable waste.

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Outstanding Strength, Low Weight, Scalable in Use

Available in rolls
or sheets.

GRIP Metal™ provides the strongest mechanical bond with the use of the lightest and easily available core materials.

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