What is GRIP Metal™?

GRIP Metal is a patented stamping process created to modify sheet metal, applying an array of micro-formed hooks that can physically adhere with other materials without the use of traditional adhesives. Diverse materials such as rubbers, plastics, wood and wood composites, concrete, carbons, glass fibers, papers, friction composite materials, and many others, can be physically adhered to GRIP Metal substrates.

GRIP Metal can be used as either a point of bonding for these materials within larger structures, or as a mediating layer between different materials, lending structural strength to less capable or inherently fragile structures and composites.

Light Weight, Thin Gauge 14 ft Concrete Bench, demonstrating GRIP Metal's capabilities to strengthen and remove mass

Outstanding Strength, Low Weight, Scalable in Use

Potential GRIP Metal™ applications range from strengthening small assemblies in electronics, through the creation of thin-gauge composite materials, to large scale use in construction technologies and materials

GRIP Metal™ provides the strongest mechanical bond with the use of the lightest and easily available core materials.

Come Innovate With Us

Join the GRIP Metal revolution and join those companies working with us in the development of the next generation of composite materials for their industries. GRIP Metal has rapidly become their technology of choice in meeting design goals for structural strength, green manufacturing, weight reduction and thin-gauge material profiles.
Formed Grip Metal foundation with Carbon Fiber, adding strength and resilience in light weight Carbon Fiber applications


Structural Veneer, thin-gauge GRIP Metal mechanically bonded to wood veneer.

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Light-Weight GRIP Metal and Nylon Composite Automotive Bracket

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Steam Canoe, an award-winning design using formed 5-layer pressed-wood and GRIP panels

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