A New Way to Connect and Reinforce Wood With Metal

Blocks are connected to create incredibly strong light CLT panel

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Structures get stronger over time simply through forces of gravity

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Remarkable Strength

GRIPMetal Strips, a sticky metal technology is transforming traditional wood CLT panel construction. Invented by Canadian-based NUCAP Industries, this revolutionary technology has already been adopted by global timber innovation leader Rothoblaas.

With no glue, no nails and no adhesives, GRIPBlock assemblies can clear spans of over 40 feet using any type of soft wood; a remarkable technological advancement in timber construction.

With Any Kind of Wood

These CLT-like panels made of 2x2x7" pine are secured with GRIPMetal strips. A hollow honeycomb cavity inside the block makes GRIPBlock 25% lighter than comparable materials of the same size.

Virtually any wood can be used. Because of the GRIPMetal strips the wood fibers will never ‘roll’ as they do in other cross laminate assemblies. Light, strong and affordable, GRIPMetal is the future of CLT.

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The Mechanical Attachment Technology that eliminates the need for adhesives.

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GRIPMetal™ and wood veneer coming together to make a strong, attractive composite.

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A new way to reinforce concrete and greatly reduce labour-intensive preparation.

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GRIPMetal™ can be used with polymers in injection moulding or simply pressed onto the material.

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See The Technology In Action